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Top 10 Put-in-Bay Golf Cart Rentals Questions

Not only is a golf cart an incredibly convenient way to get around Put-in-Bay, it’s also a part of the quintessential Put-in-Bay experience. Everyone who has ever been to Put-in-Bay knows that the golf carts on the roads are part of what makes Put-in-Bay so unique. Feeling the breeze on a summer weekend as you zip to downtown Put-in-Bay in your golf cart is an experience you won’t forget any time soon!

Yes. The golf carts on the island have restrictions on the engine, capping them at a safe operating speed. So not only can you feel safe operating your cart, but also comfortable in the knowledge that those around you have these same restrictions on their engines.

Absolutely. The Put-in-Bay police not only can, but will, give you a DUI if you are operating a golf cart while intoxicated on Put-in-Bay streets. Put-in-Bay golf carts are licensed and plated vehicles subject to the same laws and regulations as any other vehicle on the road.n the island have restrictors on the engine, capping them at a safe operating speed. So not only can you feel safe operating your cart, but also comfortable in the knowledge that those around you have these same restrictors on their engines.

Yes, the same information above regarding DUI applies here as well. When you are driving a Put-in-Bay golf cart, you are driving a licensed and plated state of Ohio vehicle. You must have a valid drivers license and obey all rules of the road such as stop signs and lights.

Yes we offer overnight rentals for an additional fee, while some do not offer overnight rentals. Put in Bay Golf Car Rentals does offer carts overnight.

You are able to bring your own cart to Put-in-Bay if it is a licensed and plated street-legal in Ohio vehicle. Unregistered golf carts used for other purposes are not permitted to be driven on Put-in-Bay roads. Any cart driven at Put-in-Bay must meet the same standards as the rental carts on the island.

All of the rental golf carts at Put-in-Bay have seat belts, and in fact must have seat belts to be allowed on the road. As for child seats, some golf cart rentals have them available on request but not all do.

You must be 18 to sign the necessary contract to rent a golf cart, so someone 18 or older must make the reservation. However, a licensed driver 16 years of age or older is permitted to operate the golf cart.

Golf cart rental fees vary by the renter, as most offer hourly rates as well as day long rates, and some renters have an overnight option as well. But as a general statement, you can expect to pay about $15-20 per hour for an hourly rental, and around $120 for a day long reservation.

With us of course, But we happen to be out of carts for your dates there are a number of other cart rental place on Put-n-Bay.  It will depend a lot on how you intend to use the cart. Golf Cart Depot and Island Club Golf Carts and Put-in-Bay Condo Golf Carts offer day and overnight rentals. Please go to putinbay.com for more info on cart reantals